Designed to protect pipelines and vertical turbine pump applications on offshore platforms from air lock and vacuum collapse, the Cla-Val Model 33A Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valve eliminates air and prevents vacuum formations in pipelines. A large venting orifice and large float clearances freely exhaust or admits air during pipeline filling or draining.

Advantages include:
  • Automatically Eliminates Air Pockets
  • Easily Serviced Without Removal from Pipeline
  • Simple, Effective Patented Design
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials of Construction
  • Engineered For Lasting Service


Cla-Val Series 34 Air Release Valves are designed to vent entrained air that collects at high points in a pipeline.  This valve continuously eliminates air from a system by releasing small quantities of air before large air pockets can occur. Stainless Steel T316 Trim is standard.

Advantages include:
  • Stainless Steel Floats Guaranteed
  • Easily Serviced Without Removal From Pipeline
  • Working Pressures to 800 PSI
  • Engineered For Drip Tight Seal At Low Pressures


Air Release Valve 1.pdf

Air Release Valve.pdf